About Arutha

Arutha is a Colombo-based policy think tank focused on economic research and communication with a special interest in public debt and taxation. A key objective for Arutha is to provide research support to policy makers especially within the state bureaucracy. Arutha believes in long-term collaborative engagement with policy makers for greater opportunities in policy influence. 

Arutha’s mission is to be the next generation public policy and economics think tank in Sri Lanka that is trusted by policy makers, the media, civil society and the general public for nonpartisan, accurate information and research.

Our objectives are as follows; 

  1. to improve economic literacy of Sri Lankans to bring about changes in governance by demanding better economic policies from policymakers. 
  2. to contribute towards building a strong research culture in economics and public policy
  3. to influence public policy through sustained engagement  and research support for policy makers

Find us at https://arutharesearch.org/